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Fact Sheet 3: My Organisation

The My Organisation tab in the Main CMS window (see fact sheet 2) allows you access to all of the details pertaining to your organisation and how it is seen on the MySouthWest website.  It also allows you to control who you want to be able to administer your website (see fact sheet 4).

On initially clicking the My Organisation tab you will see an overview of your account status.

If your organisation does not intend to use the shopping cart module, or banner advertising or any other ‘commercial’ aspects of the site, then the account balance will be listed as $0.00.

If this is your first visit to the site, then you may not have a listing in the MySouthWest directory and so that will be blank as well. 

Click on the Details tab (the green tab next to the overview tab).



On the details page you can see if all of the details of your club are correct. Any changes that need to be made can be amended. Once complete click on the update button. 

To view information about users and groups please refer to fact sheet 4.


Click onto My Organisation – Account.

This is designed for those commercial websites on MySouthWest.  As a community group or non-commercial user, there will be no information relevant to you here.  If you are a commercial entity, please refer to the shopping fact sheet 31 & fact sheet 32.  

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