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Fact Sheet 27: Advanced Features - Documents

Under Advanced Features on the left hand side of the CMS window, click on Documents.

If you want to store some documents on your site for others to download, like a Microsoft Word™ file, or a PDF™ file, then upload them here. A complete list of the documents uploaded into here will automatically appear on the Documents page of the website if this was selected during the website wizard process.
You could also put an internal Hyperlink into any webpage that will refer back to any document that is stored here.

To upload a document, Click on Create new Document under Documents. The window that opens is similar to the Image upload window.  Click on browse and find the file you want to upload.  Click on the file name once and then on open. The file name is copied into the Upload new document box. Click on Create new Content.

To check that the file has been automatically added to your Documents page, open a new browser window and view that page on the web.

You will notice that it displays the type of document that you have uploaded as well as the name.  Visitors to your site will know what they are getting when they click on it.
To link to a document from within a webpage, type in the text you wish to use as the link, highlight it and click on the insert internal link icon

Instead of choosing another web page, click on Documents and choose the document you wish to refer to.  In the following example the script for a play is being linked to a page:

Once that is done click on OK. 

It is good practice to add the type of document and the size of the document in bytes to give visitors to your website an idea of what they are downloading.

Click on update content and then Save the page.

When you open a browser window and view your page you should see something similar to this:

By clicking on the link, visitors will get a pop up window asking them if they want to save or open the file.

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